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Domain and Hosting Reseller

Do you know web designing? Start your domain & hosting reseller business & become web developers. Here we will discuss a very fundamental internet business model that is becoming a domain and hosting reseller.

This business model is very hot on the internet because domain and hosting registration are the very basic needs of any business owner who is willing to bring their business online. It provides the company clients with the best web business hosting solutions with wonderful reseller and hosting plans and programs.

A domain name is a unique address that can be used on the internet. It is that which appears in the address bar, just after the ‘www’ in the web browser and it’s that which comes after the sign ‘@’ in an email address. This means that your website is recognized by your domain name on the internet to all your visitors. A domain name once purchased remains valid for one year and it needs to be renewed every year.
Hosting account is a platform required where your site stands and is visible on the internet. You can purchase both domain name and hosting service through a huge number of service providers. Most of the service providers offer an affiliate program or a reseller account to their clients to boost their own businesses and attract more and more customers. If you have web designing knowledge, you can jump right away on this opportunity by setting up your reseller account with one of your hosting and domain service provider company. However some companies offer absolutely free reseller account or some companies take some amount as a deposit which you can use to buy domain or hosting packages for your client and sell them at whatever price you may like.
Even those who lack web designing skills also jump on this business. They can also set up a reseller account with a company and purchase domain and hosting for their clients and out sourcing web designing from the third party.

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I think this sound to be amazing. If you are thinking to start your web designing business or create a website, this is a wonderful opportunity for your client. All the good domain and hosting service provider companies provide complete support to their resellers 24 by 7 and web building tools. Once you start with it, you can master it gradually.
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Management of the reseller hosting account is very simple or easy. Reseller account which is an altered control panel account has an access to a limited WHM interface. They also have privileges which allow the reseller to manage different domains and website with a single control panel. Day by day it is becoming easier with a click of a button or tools like web builder.

You just have to select the template that suits your need and create a website with simple steps provided In the control panel and as stated earlier that you get complete support and tutorial videos to better understand your reseller account.

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