Unleash the Power of Visual Studio

The move to DevOps is about people, process and tools. It’s a whole new philosophy that brings developers, IT, and the business itself together to build and deploy apps continuously, with much higher quality than ever before. The Microsoft DevOps Solution provides open, flexible and extensible cross-platform DevOps tools and powerful cloud services that work with what you already use and give you more agility and flexibility for continuous value delivery.

Collaborate using VSTS to Plan Better, Code Faster and Manage Smarter

Agile Tools for Agile Teams

As a project manager you can plan and track the work required to bring your applications from idea to completion. Agile tools provide you with the power, flexibility, and responsiveness you need to stay on top of changing priorities, deadlines, and requirements.
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Plan projects better with agile process integration

Get a simplified continuous integration for your applications regardless of what platform you are targeting, or what language you are using. Also, seamlessly integrate with work, test, code, build, and release and track your builds with real-time build status.
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From Idea to Azure

Seamlessly manage Azure environments. Setup your release with built in tasks for Azure and Azure Stack– deploy to websites, Docker containers, virtual machines, and more.
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Ship Faster, Ship Often

Get faster time to market and respond with greater agility to customer feedback. Create the release pipeline that describes the promotion path through your environments and automatically trigger releases upon completion of builds.
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Consolidated planning, tracking and reporting

Gain insight and analyze the progress and quality of your project by connecting Power BI to the data collected and stored for Team Services.
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